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Adjust the tempo and key of your music as it plays

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Highnote is an ideal practice tool for musicians and dancers.

It’s also great for
running or working out to your favourite songs at a speed that suits you.

It's so simple to use. Just pick a track from your music library using the built-in browser and Highnote starts playing immediately.

Need to
slow it down or speed it up? Tap the tempo buttons to adjust the playback speed without altering the pitch. Perfect for nailing a difficult solo or mastering some tricky dance moves.

Want to
sing or play along in a different key? Tap the key change buttons to transpose the track (up or down) so you can practice in a key that suits you.

Highnote on Apple Watch makes it more convenient than ever to adjust the tempo and key of your music as you practice.

It's great for
fitness enthusiasts too! Pick your favourite song and set it to loop, then each time it repeats, increase the tempo and try to keep up!
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"While there are other apps on the iOS App Store that offer similar features, Open Planet Software's Highnote offers a simple, clear and beautiful-looking interface that allows you to focus on practicing, without any distractions."

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