Perfect Tempo

Made in Scotland    |    © 2019 Open Planet Software

Any song.

Any tempo.

Perfect Tempo lets you speed up or slow down any song on your iPhone or Apple Music without affecting pitch.

Set your own pace.

Play along or dance to your favourite songs at the speed you want without losing fidelity.


Access over 50 million songs directly on Apple Music, play from your Music Library or from iCloud, Dropbox and other cloud services.

For musicians

For dancers

Learn any song at your own speed.


Repeat any section of the song to practice a particular passage.


Rip your backing track CDs and play along to them at your own speed.

Practice your routine at the speed you want.


Put any section of the music on repeat to learn complicated steps.


Speed things up or slow them down.

Search the entire Apple Music catalog.

Repeat the whole song or just one section to make practice easier.

Keep ‘Recently Played’ songs up front and centre.

Control tempo, volume and repeat from your Apple Watch.

Want to make your own recordings?

If you like making your own recordings from your iPhone or Apple Watch then why not try our award winning app Just Press Record.

Perfect Tempo can play your Just Press Record recordings right from inside the app!

Musician Bundle

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